Diabetes Health and Wellness Consultant

Liberation Diabetes Consulting

Opening at 8:00 AM


Take control of your health and wellbeing. You have Diabetes, it doesn’t have you! With Liberation Diabetes Consulting, we will work with you in your pursuits for daily Diabetes and general life healthcare and management. Diabetics, Pediatrics, Parents & Guardians, and significant others alike, we are here to help and provide any guidance you need!  Compared to seeing multiple different providers and specialists, LDC is an all inclusive service incorporating Nutrition, Fitness, Daily Diabetes Management, Mental and Emotional Health, Life Coaching, and Education. 

Our Founder has had Type 1 Diabetes since early childhood and has utilized and practiced all different types of treatment from manual injections, to insulin pens, different insulin pump therapies, and even Metfromin/Glucophage. She has also used multiple different Continuous Glucose Monitors including Dexcom, Medtronic Guardian, and the Freestyle Libre systems. With a professional background in Behavioral Therapy, a Diploma in Behavioral and Cognitive Development and Therapy, Bachelor’s in Educational Studies and Practices,  pursuing a Master’s in Healthcare Administration with an Emphasis on Diabetes Management, and past and current work in the medical field, Our founder has ample personal and professional experience with the beast that is Diabetes, whether it be care, emotions, behavior, familial implications,  or the insurance and paperwork that go on behind the scenes. 
Please, if you have any questions, concerns, frustrations, or triumphs, anything at all you want to communicate, reach out to us. We are so eager to work and make the day to day life with Diabetes more doable, and more manageable.  We use a virtual platform for appointments. We currently do not accept insurance, but we are in the process of integrating into a position to do so in order to reach out and to help even more people.  Reach out any time! 
We are here for you, for all of your Diabetes needs, big or small, common or rare, no matter the magnitude or complexity.
Remember: YOU have Diabetes, Diabetes doesn’t have YOU!